Why Thermal Cameras Are Critical For Preventing Data Center Loss

Why Thermal Cameras Are Critical For Preventing Data Center Loss

Thermal cameras use infrared imagery or thermography to detect energy produced by objects in the room. Thermal cameras do not need light to function and can detect changes in temperature before a fire happens. This technology is especially useful in data centers that have equipment producing a large amount of heat. By detecting changes in electrical switchgear, power supplies, server systems, and cooling systems, thermal cameras can alert you before severe damage occurs to the system.

Where is thermal technology important?

  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Energy facilities
  • Law enforcement
  • Building construction
  • Electric and power maintenance
  • Data centers and server rooms

How do thermal cameras support data centers?

Data centers and server rooms are home to a large amount of expensive equipment that holds important information for businesses. Servers are operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without room for error. These systems need constant power and cooling systems to prevent any disruption in operations. High heat is one of the largest threats to servers, and alerting personnel to changes in temperature will allow adjustments to be made before any data or equipment is lost.

How do you protect your servers?

Overheating equipment can cause fires, posing a large risk to your data center and business. Thermal cameras are extremely effective at detecting temperature changes, much faster than a smoke detector or sprinkler. Without a thermal camera, by the time you were alerted to fire it would be too late to save the equipment and data. Monitoring the temperature of your servers also helps maintain regular function, allowing you to proactively fix issues before they become critical.

Our installation process

The price point of thermal cameras has come down in recent years, making it an option for businesses of any scale. To install a thermal camera, an alarm temperature needs to be configured. The experts at Got Security are capable of installing thermal cameras and provide support on integrating them into your system.

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