Protect your location by starting at the door. Every time that a visitor, customer, employee, or vendor enters your building is an opportunity for three things to happen:

  • Inventory and assets to go missing
  • Someone ends up where they’re not supposed to be
  • Company property becomes damaged or destroyed.

By implementing an electronic access control solution it will:

  • Prevent those who want to steal from entering your facility
  • Restrict property damages because no one will gain entry into areas they aren’t authorized to be in.

Whether you’re a small, medium, or enterprise business, our access control systems guarantees:

  • Only authorized personnel can access your building
  • Inventory storage areas will have a log of all personnel going in and out of the area
  • Sensitive areas throughout your operation will be able to be monitored.

Access control solutions will provide a detailed log of:

  • Who was in your facility
  • Where they entered and exited
  • Duration of their visit

From a single storage closet in an office to facility wide, multilayered systems across multiple locations, our scalable access control systems enhance how you protect your people, assets, and facilities.

Instant Alerts Anywhere, Anytime

Get automatic notifications on your phone. Our access control platform automatically triggers its behavioral alarms and sends an immediate notifications to improve your security personnel’s response times to incidents in your building. Every second counts.

Scalability for the Future

We can design a your access control system with the future in mind by building it from the ground up so as your operations expand so can your system. Whether you need to add another door or a new

Know Who is Where and When

Track your users in real time. Quickly locate card users based on their last scanned location or run activity reports on an ID card, user, key fob, keypad, card reader, fingerprint scanner, or across an entire system to see who was in your facility and when they were there.

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Card Readers & Keypads

Our selection of proximity keycard readers, keypads, and fingerprint scanners ensure a proper verification of a user’s identity and permission levels before allowing access. Your access control system can also be configured to require multiple cards or codes to be entered at separate interfaces for an additional layer of security.

Door Locks & Hardware

The durable, tamper-resistant door strike and electromagnetic door locks employed in our access control systems are rated for interior and exterior doors and can be easily mounted on nearly any door frame.

ID Cards & Tags

Assign multiple cardkeys or key fobs to a single user, each with a unique set of permissions, and quickly create ID cards for new users or visitors in the software interface. This flexibility makes access control simple.

Access Control Software

Our versatile and easy-to-use access control software arms you with the business intelligence you need to make informed decisions about streamlining your business’s daily operations.