Is Your Video Surveillance Storage Adequate?

Is Your Video Surveillance Storage Adequate?

New advancements in video surveillance require higher capacity storage

Video surveillance has continued to advance in terms of camera resolution and sophisticated software, greatly increasing performance and usability. Surveillance systems are an integral part of security plans implemented to protect people, buildings, and assets.

Besides providing security protection, many retailers using video surveillance to optimize the functionality of their stores. Video surveillance can be used to understand customers’ shopping habits to determine how staff, products, and marketing should be used throughout the store. These are all examples of how a business can use video surveillance to improve its bottom line, as well as provide a safe, protected environment for employees and staff.

Benefits of advanced video surveillance solutions

According to Security Info Watch, as video surveillance systems increase their capabilities, more data is required to store video footage that is also being analyzed by AI. With longer retention periods and more cameras attached to the system, storing all of this information can become tricky. Selecting a solution with a high hard drive capacity is important for safely storing your video surveillance data. Although it could be slightly more of an initial investment, a higher quality system will help you keep costs lower over time. When there is a lapse in video or hard drive failure, the lost footage can be a source of liability or legal issues.

Higher capacity systems for video surveillance can have more than four times the capacity of desktop drives, allowing business owners to use 24/7 high-resolution video. These high-quality systems also have the ability to perform at high speeds while reducing power consumption.

Got Security video surveillance systems

The future of video surveillance depends on high-quality systems that reduce costs while improving security. Got security offers a variety of security solutions that can be integrated into any business’s current system. Our high definition cameras guarantee your facility will be monitored at any time of the day, with footage that can be easily accessed through our digital recording servers. We provide commercial-grade, enterprise-class video recorders with unmatched performance and reliability to ensure your data is protected.

No matter what your security needs are, Got Security will work closely with you to design a comprehensive solution that is tailored to your location and business. Our staff is comprised of experienced engineers, consultants, and integrators that make upgrading your video surveillance systems simple and effective.

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