Access Control Systems

Your digital keycard to accessing buildings.

PDK Access Control System

Manage access to every door, gate, and elevator with PDK’s cloud-based access control system.

If you’re searching for an access control system that is easy to use and can be scaled according to your business needs, PDK is the perfect solution. Its fully integrated platform allows you to manage access anytime and anywhere without any hassle.

PDK’s advanced platform provides a seamless user experience on any device, whether you are on-site or on the go. You can effortlessly manage every level of your access control system like never before.

From PDK’s user-friendly interface, you can issue credentials, edit access permissions, and create automatic schedules.

Cloud-Based Access Control System

An access controller and readers that function both on-site and remotely.

Mobile phone friendly

Touchless Entry with Bluetooth

With Bluetooth access control technology, any smartphone can be used as a hands-free touchless digital keycard to unlock doors.

Unlock Doors from Anywhere

Users can remotely unlock authorized doors through the mobile
App from anywhere in the world.

Instant Lockdown in One-Tap

Create custom Lockdown scenarios to immediately secure buildings in
case of an emergency, and initiate them with a single tap.

Remote management

Wireless locking device

Our wireless devices offer a simple and effective way to expand the coverage of your access control system or upgrade your traditional locks to intelligent access control. Being wire-free and powered by batteries, wireless locking devices are quick and cost-effective to install and also help you save money on maintenance and operational expenses.

Access control at more doors, efficiently and at a low cost

Our wireless locks are built on an open platform that allows for quick and inexpensive integration with your existing access control and security management systems or with a new one. By incorporating wireless locks, you can schedule user privileges and generate instant audit trails for more doors, taking your security management to the next level.

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