Effortless Intercom Calling,
Enhanced Security

Answer calls, grant entry and secure entrances from anywhere with Verkada’s cloud-managed video intercom.

Why Verkada Intercom

Enhance security and answer calls from anywhere with sharp intercom video and clear audio, four smart receiver methods, and intuitive management and security tools in Verkada Command.

Sharp Video, Clear Audio

Get sharp video and clear audio on every call to easily see who is outside and understand why they are there.

More Flexible

Easily deploy any combination of video intercoms, receivers and call routing configurations to take calls from anywhere.

Effortless Deployment

Verkada's PoE intercom comes online and is fully operational in minutes. No need to configure SIP servers or NVRs/DVRs.

Unmatched Capabilities

Improve entrance security with integrated context cameras and door access control right from Verkada Command.

Take Calls From Anywhere

Verkada Intercom adapts to every organization’s workflows and requirements with flexible receiver options and smart call routing.

It All Starts at the Door

Verkada’s TD52 Video Intercom delivers sharp video and clear audio on every call so you can easily see who is outside and understand why they are there. The TD52 combines two-way communication, remote door control, and video security into a single device.

Manage and Secure Entry Points on Verkada Command

By natively integrating previously disparate systems through Verkada Command, admins can more easily manage their video intercom and entry security workflows in a single pane of glass.

Manage from Anywhere
Add new receivers, configure call routing logic or check incoming calls – from any browser, right in Verkada Command.
Call Logic Made Easy
Customizable schedules increase workplace flexibility by defining who, when, and how users are contacted when a call comes in.
Enhanced Call History
Review annotated recordings of every intercom button press and door unlock. Easily identify important calls or events with People Analytics, simplified search and more.
Integrated System for Better Security
Pair video intercom with additional context cameras and access controllers for more comprehensive coverage of your building’s entrance security.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Verkada's video intercom system?
Verkada's video intercom system offers enhanced security, flexibility, and scalability for all types of organizations. Verkada intercom provides door security and video security capabilities, along with simplified methods for receiving calls on various devices and intuitive, cloud-based management tools.
What is included in Verkada’s video intercom system?
There are three key components to the Verkada intercom system. The first is the TD52 video intercom, an all-in-one video intercom that delivers video and intercom security in an easy to install form factor. The TD52 is required to access any features of Verkada intercom. More information on pricing can be found on verkada.com/pricing. The second is Verkada’s family of smart receivers. With Verkada, organizations can send calls to the Verkada Pass iOS and Android application, to the Verkada Desk Station iPad application, to physical landlines and to Verkada Command. The Verkada Desk Station is sold as a separate software license. All other receivers are included with a standard Verkada Intercom software license. More information on pricing can be found on verkada.com/pricing. The final component is Verkada Command, Verkada’s cloud-based physical security platform. Command is designed to serve as an all–in–one hub for managing Verkada intercom. By unifying previously disparate systems behind a single and intuitive pane of glass, Command gives admins and day-to-day users a powerful platform for managing their physical security infrastructure. Within Command, administrators can add and configure intercom devices, add users and schedules, and set up smart call routing logic to align with daily business operations. Customers purchasing Verkada’s video intercom system must purchase a TD52 device, as well as a software license to access Verkada Command.
How does Verkada simplify enterprise video intercom systems?
With Verkada, powerful edge-based video and audio processing combines with the scale and connectivity of cloud computing. There is no need for organizations to install and maintain complex on-prem systems. Everything from calling, video recording, and AI-powered analytics are on-device and in the cloud. Verkada’s video intercom solution also offers powerful on-device functionality, giving organizations always-intelligible audio and a 1080p video of all activity within the Intercom’s 130° Field of View lens.
How do businesses use Verkada’s video intercom system?
Modern organizations can utilize Verkada’s video intercom system for enhanced security and flexibility. With Verkada, organizations can deploy a business intercom system that has powerful door and video security capabilities. Verkada’s business intercom solution also provides call receivers with intuitive and simplified tools for taking calls from anywhere, helping improve workplace flexibility.

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