How Does Electronic Access Control Protect Your Business?

How Does Electronic Access Control Protect Your Business?

One of the most effective ways to minimize lost inventory and damages is by installing an electronic access control system. This safeguards your building and business from any unauthorized visitors, customers, employees, or vendors being in the wrong place on your premises. Unaccounted persons can result in missing inventory and assets, or damaged company property.

Managing your facility with an electronic access control system allows you to keep track of what’s going on at your business at all times. Having a detailed log of who was in your facility, where they entered and exited, and the duration of their visit helps minimize any accidents or damages. Our access control systems are scalable for any type of business, from small offices to facility-wide protection.

Keeping tabs on inventory and equipment can be difficult with large teams of people passing through your facility each day. Implementing an access control system provides a log of all personnel entering different areas, which is especially important for monitoring sensitive areas of your operation.

What features are available for access control systems?

Card readers and keypads

We offer a selection of effective keycard readers, keypads, and fingerprint scanners to verify each user. The system matches each person with their identity and permission level before allowing access to restricted areas. To add extra security, your access control system can be modified to require multiple cards or codes to be verified at different checkpoints.

Door locks and hardware

Most doors already have a lock, but upgrading to a durable, tamper-resistant door strike and electromagnetic locks ensures that your interior and exterior doors are always protected. This hardware can be easily integrated with your access control system and mounted on any door frame.

ID Cards and Tags

Implementing ID cards allows you to set different security permission levels for different employees. This improves security by limiting access to necessary persons. With our software interface, you can quickly create ID cards for new users and visitors.

Got Security offers a wide range of electronic access control options that are scaled to fit any kind of business. We have the ability to integrate a cost-effective security system to uphold the reputation of your business and protect profits.

Contact Got Security for a free security threat assessment for your business. We will form a security plan for your building that includes high definition security cameras, access control, digital recording servers, video management software, and solution integration.

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