Should You Use Wireless Access Control Systems?

Should You Use Wireless Access Control Systems?

Access control security systems are almost essential for commercial and industrial businesses. Some may say that ensuring doors are protected by access control features are essential for any operating business in every industry. If you’re employing access control systems in your building(s), you likely already know if its tremendous value to your business.

Over time, all technology will advance, especially in the commercial security solutions industry. Automated surveillance cameras and robust motion detector systems are commonplace in 2019, but has access control security also gotten better or more efficient? The answer is a resounding yes!

Wireless access control systems are better in almost every way compared to their wired counterparts– if you have an access control system installed in the last 10 years, it was likely a wired connection. The future is here, and with it came wireless access control features that make installation and maintenance so much easier and cost-effective.

Wireless Access Control Systems For All

How does a wireless access control system work? In today’s age, most wireless communications outside of cellular networks go through Wi-Fi signaling. Gone are the days of radio frequencies for efficient communication– if you have Wi-Fi at your business (which you likely do), you can have a wireless access control security system installed at your business.

If you do not have Wi-Fi at your business or want to rely on something other than your router & modem connections, a wireless gateway can also be installed at your place of business that can facilitate the communication of security credentials between the keypad/lock and the access control system.

Choosing one or the other may be a hard decision for some business owners. If budget is an issue, Got Security recommends employing the Wi-Fi connection for ease of installation. However, if you have a sizeable security budget, using both Wi-Fi and the wireless network gateway is your best option to ensure your access control is functional and you have a back-up as well.

How To Go Wireless

If you’re ready to ditch the wires and go wireless, you’ve come to the right blog. Got Security specializes in access control systems, both wired and wireless options for all business types. If you’re in the restaurant industry, retail, warehouse, industrial, or just any commercial business, Got Security can help you with your security solutions.

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