Does Your Cannabis Security Surveillance Meet State Requirements?

Does Your Cannabis Security Surveillance Meet State Requirements?

As the cannabis industry continues to expand, business owners are struggling to keep up with the security and surveillance regulations being put in place. Got Security specializes in the best cannabis security surveillance solutions that go above and beyond the state requirements for growers, producers, and vendors.

72% of all cannabis operators fail to comply with security and surveillance state requirements. Meet cannabis security surveillance requirements with the help of Got Security to minimize costs and risks for your business.

The following elements are key to include in your cannabis business security plan:

-Perimeter security, like fencing

-Lighting for the interior and exterior

-Motion detectors

-Video management system that stores video recordings for the required amount of days (as per state regulations)

-Video surveillance monitoring all entrances, as well as areas where cannabis is stored or prepared

-Video intercom system

-Access control system

Cannabis facility security

Your cannabis facility can house millions of dollars worth of products and equipment that needs to be safeguarded with a security plan from Got Security. We find personalized security solutions for businesses in the cannabis industry that meet your state requirements. Operating a cannabis farm or production facility involves a lot of moving parts that can be difficult to oversee without an advanced security system that has your back covered.

We offer a variety of cannabis security systems that can be combined to create a foolproof plan that is designed to optimize your business.

Video management software

The state of California requires that cannabis businesses store video footage retrieved from the surveillance system for more than 40 days. Using Got Security’s video management software you can store the required recordings, and also manage all of your cannabis facilities from one device. Remote camera access allows you to monitor deliveries or check in on a retail location with the touch of a button.

Video surveillance

Use video surveillance to prevent shoplifting, inventory shrinkage, and fake liability claims. By positioning cameras at key locations throughout your cannabis store or facility, you can use detailed video images to help identify suspects and recover products.

Access control

Access control systems are especially important for cannabis facilities that have a large amount of traffic from employees, distributors, clients, or customers. Ensuring that only approved personnel have access to certain areas will prevent inventory from being stolen, as well as keep equipment safe.
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