Verkada Guest: 4 Reasons To Embrace This Visitor Management System

Verkada Guest: 4 Reasons To Embrace This Visitor Management System

Visitor management systems are essential to any business. They help ensure employees, customers, and visitors’ safety and security.

Verkada Guest is a powerful visitor management system that makes managing visitors in your facility easy. With its intuitive interface and robust features, you can quickly set up a secure environment for all who enter your location.

This system provides advanced access control capabilities to keep everyone safe while allowing you to maintain visibility into who is coming in and out of your facility at all times.

Whether managing a small office or a large enterprise, this comprehensive visitor management solution has everything you need to create a secure environment. Read more about the benefits of investing in this visitor management system.

Improve Business Safety and Security

Verkada Guest offers real-time monitoring of visitors. This provides peace of mind that potential threats are identified and addressed quickly and efficiently. This system integrates with many camera solutions, allowing organizations to capture images of visitors as they enter the premises.

This helps reduce the risk of unauthorized access and ensures that no one can enter without the proper credentials. Verkada Guest also provides access control capabilities to quickly and easily grant or deny access to specific people.

Make Registration Easy For Your Guests

When visitors arrive, they can easily register their details using Verkada Guest. This visitor management system allows customers to register and access your property quickly.

The registration process is simple and intuitive, allowing visitors to fill out their information in a few simple steps.

The details that guests are required to enter include:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Company/organization name
  • Address

This information is securely stored in the system for you to access whenever necessary.

The Convenience of Host Notifications

Verkada Guest provides powerful host notifications that help businesses keep track of all visitors. Hosts can be alerted when a visitor arrives, with notifications sent via email or text messages. This allows hosts to manage their visitors easily and ensures they can greet them promptly.

The host notifications feature also allows hosts to set up custom threshold alerts for when a visitor has stayed on the premises too long. This helps organizations keep track of visitors and ensure that everyone is safe.

A Scalable Visitor Management System

This visitor management system is designed to be flexible and scalable, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes. It can be tailored to meet an organization’s specific needs, ensuring that access control is always up-to-date with changing security requirements.

The system supports multiple entry points into a facility, allowing companies to manage different access levels for different people. This makes setting up access control that best suits the organization’s needs a breeze.

It’s Time To Invest in Verkada Guest!

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