Critical Components Of Visitor Management Strategies

Critical Components Of Visitor Management Strategies

Most businesses, building committees, organizations, and facilities understand that the processes of visitor management and access control are critical to success. These entities are continually exploring how to create best a well-rounded on-site strategy to manage all types of human interactions while minimizing risks.

Visitor management strategies have become easier for business owners and building managers through hardware and software solutions. These solutions allow companies to customize the visiting experience while having the added advantage of data to inform real-time decisions. To ensure your workplace is safe and secure for your employees and your visitors, we’ll explore four key visitor management strategies.

No-Contact (Or Minimal Contact) Check-In

Eradicating contact between security guards, receptionists, logbooks, and visitors provides visitor management benefits. The absence of these tangible components is a time-saver for your company, but it also allows a seamless and secure sign-in experience for visitors.

Touchless kiosks, smartphone QR access codes, and other innovative systems eliminate queues and crowds while supplying critical data on your visitors that helps you make decisions on the spot. By managing data in a convenient central dashboard, you can double-check applications to ensure security and keep track of who is on your premises.

More Known Variables Of Identification

While you may at any given time know the exact number of people on your facility’s premises, you may not know details about them that are pertinent to security. Known variables such as why visitors are on our property when they are coming and leaving and their exact identity is critical to establishing a solid check-in progression.

You can gain a significant advantage by incorporating a requirement for unique visitor identity details for first-time visitors into your visitor authentication and management system. Soft passes, visitor badges, and other identification can be generated from the data you receive on visitors. Further, categorizing badges, passes, or labels based on the groups of people entering your property provides easily distinguishable information.

Accurate Real-Time Emergency Alerts

Emergencies can occur in any dynamic, human-populated system like a public building or facility. A well-organized visitor management system will decrease the possibility of an unpredictable situation happening and afford management the opportunity for early detection and intervention should one arise.

Your organization’s visitor management system strategy can improve emergency management by offering early detection, alert, and response to any unanticipated crisis requiring external agency intervention. By providing instant alerts, instructions, and personal data of visitors on your premises, your visitor management system becomes your first line of defense and an invaluable crisis management tool.

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