Two Aspects Of Access Control

Two Aspects Of Access Control

What do we mean when we talk about access control?

Well, first of all, it’s central to the security industry, not just in residential security, but in commercial security too. It’s just as important in IT as well. People talk about access control in terms of network systems in order to keep out hackers. But people talk about access control in terms of physical buildings, in order to keep out thieves, vandals, home invaders and any kind of unauthorized intruder.

So let’s talk about two critical factors of setting up access control systems.

Immediate Access Control


The first one is immediate access control. That means actually locking down buildings and structures and limiting who comes in the door. That’s the traditional old-school way to think about access control and it’s vastly important in any number of scenarios.

For example, if you’re trying to prevent a home invasion, it doesn’t make sense to let certain people into the property and then figure the rest out later. That perimeter or firewall security is going to do its part to protect people and anything else valuable inside of a building.

Monitoring solutions


In other situations, though, access control can also involve continual monitoring.

New tools and techniques show who actually enters a building at what time and where they go, and it provides clues as to what they do while they’re in there. The data that is collected can be extremely valuable in long-term administration, whether that’s seeking out threats, or looking at long-term maintenance for high-traffic areas. 

So if you’re focused on preventing loss of trade secrets or something like that, the monitoring can be an effective part of the solution.

The best security blends these two aspects together and accomplishes both of them with state-of-the-art hardware and infrastructure.

No matter what kind of approach you’re using, your system needs to work well. That’s where we come in. Partnering with some of the best manufacturers around, we offer flexible pricing plans for monthly and annual services, including scalable surveillance and monitoring, cloud surveillance and user management.

Our video surveillance systems are made to provide that robust visibility and transparency that businesses need for risk mitigation.

Ask us about end-to-end security solutions for all sorts of industries and how we work with our partners to deliver the security our clients need. We want to be your guide to better security this year, and in the years ahead. 





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