Three Major Uses For Cloud Security Cameras

Three Major Uses For Cloud Security Cameras

As a company that has pioneered the use of cloud connected security infrastructure, we understand that the ways that you deploy security cameras matter, and that this type of security is important to many of our clients.

Here are three major uses of cloud-connected security cameras that we install and plan for on client sites.

Security Cameras for Access

Many security cameras are primarily used to observe access to a building. They may be aimed directly at a primary or secondary entrance or exit.

More advanced analysis can assess things like headcounts, or try to identify visitors personally. Some of this is also useful for advanced business intelligence.

Security Cameras for Interactions

Sometimes cameras may be in place to capture interactions between two or more individuals.

A business may have concerns about what might take place in a parking lot, or elsewhere on exterior business premises. It’s not always related to antitheft or anti-vandalism. It may be for the protection of more vulnerable individuals who could theoretically be susceptible to violence from others. Some of this is provided as a service to guests or visitors.

Materials Handling

Inventory or supply security uses cameras to keep an eye on important assets. Here again, the targeting of cameras makes a difference.

History of Cloud Security

As soon as people started to learn that they could provide software services and functionality over the Internet, the cloud took off in a big way. By using the global Internet as a routing trajectory for server computing and more, cloud systems enable much of what we enjoy in the 21st century from a business operations standpoint.

As for cloud applications to security, this trend has driven numerous smart home innovations related to a building’s energy use, easier property maintenance and of course, building security. From video doorbells to other types of cloud-connected devices, property owners are getting more confident about protecting their families and their possessions from attack.

The cloud-connected universe is related to another trend called the Internet of Things (IoT) where more devices and different types of devices are being connected to the global Internet. Our technologies build on that capability to offer more 21st century cutting edge technology for our customers. We want you to be on the vanguard of what the modern market has to offer, one step ahead of the next innovations and disruptions that will make us all safer.

Ask us about how to implement cloud security cameras that work for your enterprise.

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