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Surveillance Systems in the Cloud in California


The security and safety of your property is always your top concern. Without property video surveillance, you can find yourself out of luck with no verifiable evidence in the event of a break-in or other security issues.

However, finding the right security camera with the proper features can feel overwhelming. Let Got Security help with our wide selection of Verkada security cameras. Give yourself added peace of mind with these simple and easy-to-use security cameras that rely on Cloud storage technology to ensure you never are without proper security surveillance.

Video Security You Can Trust

Verkada and its line of security cameras have become a staple piece in the world of video surveillance. They are small enough to fit into the nooks and crannies of your property, durable in their design, and capture high-quality surveillance coverage.

Their app technology can be installed so that whenever there is a potential issue, you will receive a text notification straight from Verkada. You can have the assurance that your property is being well looked after by these stellar security cameras.

If you need to go back and view old footage, Verkada has made accessing this footage a breeze with their cloud storage capabilities. You won’t have to dig through hours of footage, but instead, easily find the date and time you need to conduct your research.

We offer affordable pricing on all of our Verkada security cameras and can offer installation help on all of your purchased products. Since 2005, Got Security has been your trusted friend in the world of security, and we are excited to help you find the perfect added level of security with Verkada security cameras.

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To learn more about our wide range of security items, and learn how Got Security can supply your property with the latest in security technology, contact us today at 877.830.9055.


Cameras With
Built-in Storage

Internet Connectivity
& Cloud Storage

Accessible On Any
Browser Or Devices


Monitor Anywhere

Access footage from any computer or mobile device – no downloads required.

Simple to Set Up

No NVRs/DVRs, thick clients or added configurations – just a PoE connection.

Smart, Instant Alerts

Receive a notification when a camera detects meaningful motion or tampering.

In an emergency situation, easily share links of live footage via SMS or email

Access footage from any computer
or mobile device – no downloads required

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