4 Ways Cloud-Based Camera Technology Keeps Your Business Secure

4 Ways Cloud-Based Camera Technology Keeps Your Business Secure

Before cloud-based technology took off, security cameras and footage were often limited to the recording location. The location-based limits could lead to delays in incident reports or discoveries of criminal activity. With cloud-based options now readily available, you can find ways to improve security and keep your business secure.

Discover four ways cloud-based security cameras offer protection to your business and will give you peace of mind as you manage the security aspect of your company.

1. Easy Organization

If your business has multiple cameras, then you will want to know where cameras are and keep the whole video grid organized. With cloud-based security software, you have the option to label cameras and keep them all organized. For example, you could label one camera Lobby and the other Lobby Reverse View.

Adjust a video grid to keep similar camera angles close together. When you load up the grid, you can process the different angles and know exactly what you’re looking at. Work with security professionals to set up the layout. Once set up, everything else is smooth sailing.

The layout can transfer to multiple devices, including tablets, computers, or cell phones. With a consistent layout, you know what to watch for as you check out footage.

2. Camera Events

Before cloud technology, knowing the status of your security system could take a while. Each morning, you would have to log in to see if cameras operated correctly and if any security issues happened the night before. With a cloud-based system, you will receive alerts on all of the camera events.

For example, if a camera is low on batteries or has a power malfunction, you can receive an alert right away. The alerts allow you to fix the camera and not lose out on any monitoring time. The real-time monitors can also send your direct alerts for any motion activities.

If the camera detects motion, you can load up the live feed to see what the motions indicate. The real-time access and motion events will save you time from scrubbing through hours of footage.

3. Storage Options

Before cloud technology was available, storage options were limited to the physical storage you had on hand. Originally bulky VHS tapes, security footage transferred to computer hard drives or disc recordings like DVDs. Cloud-based storage gives you unlimited space. You do not have to compromise the quality of the video to store all of your footage.

Cloud-based storage also gives you the option to keep footage for extended amounts of time. You never know when you’ll need to access footage again. For example, you may have exterior cameras that capture a car accident. If a lawsuit follows the accident, your footage could become a vital part of the case.

4. Security Access Features

Cloud technology may be available on multiple devices, but access is not just granted to anyone. Enhance the security of your cloud network with multiple options. For example, you could grant employees view-only options of the security footage. Your administrative options allow you to change settings, delete footage, and use advanced settings.

If you use iOS devices, then you have the chance to enhance your security with fingerprint access to the security network. The fingerprint access ensures that no one takes your pin code or password and gains access to your network security.

Set up cloud camera technology at your business with our security professionals at Got Security Surveillance System. We will help you set up a cloud-based system and teach you how to access the system and implement custom security features. Contact us to find out more information, and see demos of how our security system works.

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