4 Modern Access Control Features to Help Protect Inventory

4 Modern Access Control Features to Help Protect Inventory

As a business owner, you know your inventory will make a big difference in the way you make profits and keep track of stock. For inventory not on the floor, you will often have a storage room or access area to keep the items. One way to protect the space is with access control to the room. Modern access control features include advanced locks and advanced technology.

Learn about some of the access control features that will help you protect your inventory and lead to more control over your business security.

1. Individualized Access

Instead of making a general key card for all the employees at your business, grant more precise access with individualized key cards. A digital profile is created for everyone at the company, and each employee gets specific key card access.

For example, general key card access could grant an employee access through the main entrance but lock the person out of an inventory room. With the individual key cards, you will know exactly who entered the room and have a complete log of inventory access.

When an employee moves up in rank, the person can gain more access. Through modern software, you can quickly change access options without the need to print out new cards or completely overhaul the security system.

2. Motion Video

Along with every key card scan, your security system could include motion-based video to track and verify who has inventory access. For example, someone may use a key card that does not belong to them. The verification will help confirm security protocols. In some cases, video surveillance may showcase a single key card being used and multiple people entering.

Through advanced security apps, monitor the situation and watch real-time footage on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Even without your security monitoring, the camera will act as a natural deterrent for suspicious activity. Along with real-time videos, you can look back on past motion events to see employee actions and what items are removed from the room.

3. Timed Access

During a typical workday, people may need to access inventory rooms multiple times. The employees may need to bring out product and drop off shipments. When the business closes for the day, limit access. Through computerized settings, set timers for the doors to your inventory storage. With timed access, block specific key cards or all of them.

As the business owner, you may want to keep your access open. The individualized settings will help your business thrive and help prevent theft during off-hours where the business is not fully monitored by employees. The timed access has a lot of fluidity as well.

For example, you can change the times daily, set special times for holidays, or leave the door completely unlocked while you work on inventory counts and updates in-person. Advanced systems fit your needs and habits without too many limitations or frustrations.

4. Access Alerts and Logs

Detailed logs of key card access can help showcase trends and patterns. For example, the software could alert if specific employees enter an inventory room far more often than they should. You could also receive alerts when employees have tried to scan their card multiple times and do not have access to the room.

You may notice patterns or suspicious activity that wouldn’t have come up without access card information. Some software features can compile reports and give you extra details. When you know specific times, you can check back, track inventory, and help prevent product loss.

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