Does A Dummy Camera Do It?

Does A Dummy Camera Do It?

When it comes to business or building security, you may be wondering how much you have to invest in security cameras. What’s right for your business? What will really protect you from financial harm – and logistical nightmares?

Some people with an eye toward frugality, (we won’t insult them with the designation of cheapskate,) think they can just set up a dummy camera and it will deter people from shoplifting or other kinds of commercial theft.

Others are ready to invest in CCTV, or even more in-depth security offerings like thermal cameras. These systems are often “worth their weight in gold,” eventually.

So what’s right for your business?

Low or High Value Assets

Part of the answer to this above question, which you might ask yourself in the wee hours of the night, depends on what you’re guarding.

If your business is a set of apartments, for example, you may not have a lot of high-value assets out in the open.

If you’re just trying to deter nuisance activity like dumping or noise, a dummy camera may help. But keep in mind, you are also dealing with some of the highest value assets anywhere – people – so there again, actual security cameras can make a difference. If you happen to end up having a liability event happen, for instance, you’ll want a record to help to protect yourself and your business.

On the other hand, if you’re protecting high-value assets like merchandise or building materials, you’re going to want adequate security cameras, not just window dressing.

Getting Excellent Security Systems

How do you develop a security plan that works for your business?

It starts by brainstorming solutions, and thinking about how you protect what you invest in trying to make a profit. That work, that research, is well worth the time and energy!

GOT Security Surveillance System offers all sorts of systems like thermal camera implementation and more. We have the solutions that you need for your property, to keep your business assets sound and secure, and, importantly, to suss out any problems with unauthorized access, like vandalism or just common trespass. We want to be your 21st century security vendor as you wade into a new era, where everything that goes on can be carefully recorded and documented for business use. (In some ways, your security plan is not unlike a business intelligence system – and it can bring you valuable insights!) Call us for help modernizing your business security plan.

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