Security Vulnerabilities All Business Owners Need To Know About

Security Vulnerabilities All Business Owners Need To Know About

Buying a commercial building is something most business owners dream of. When the day comes and you turn your dream of owning a commercial building into a reality, securing your recently acquired investment is crucial. Whether you are running a retail establishment out of your commercial building or using it as office space, keeping burglars at bay should be a top priority. 

Thousands of businesses in the United States are burglarized every year. If you want to avoid having your business burglarized, then you have to stay one step ahead of security problems. Read below for more information about common security issues commercial buildings have and what you can do to address them. 

The Absence of Access Control Systems

The doors on a commercial building are one of the first areas a burglar will target when trying to gain entrance. Some business owners fail to realize just how vulnerable mechanical locks can be. If a burglar knows how to pick mechanical locks, they will be able to break into a commercial building in a matter of minutes. Rather than letting this common security vulnerability affect your ability to keep burglars out of your business, you need to make some changes. 

Access control systems are a great addition to your security building. With an access control system in place, you can take control over who is allowed to enter your building. The locks that come with these systems are unlocked with specially designed cards. Not only can you restrict access to the entry doors of your commercial building, you can also decide who goes into areas of your building that contain sensitive information. 

Unsecured Windows Are Dangerous

In the past few years, the number of smash and grab burglaries has increased substantially. These burglaries usually involve criminals breaking the windows or storefront glass in a commercial building to gain access to the items inside. If your existing windows and storefront glass is unsecured, it is only a matter of time before burglars try to smash through them. 

One of the best ways to secure these elements is by investing in quality window alarms. These alarms will sound if the windows or storefront glass in question is broken. Generally, these pieces of technology will be tied into a monitored security system. When these alarms are activated, the monitored system will send an alert to authorities that your building is being burglarized. This increases the chances of you catching the burglars in the act. 

Security Camera Blind Spots

Most business owners realize how important it is to have a quality security camera system in their commercial buildings. If alterations have been made to your commercial building since your existing security camera system was installed, you may have blind spots. These blind spots may allow burglars to infiltrate your building undetected. Working with knowledgeable professionals is the best way to find and address these blind spots. 

If you have any of the vulnerabilities mentioned above, it is time to address them with the help of Got Security.

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