How To Manage Commercial and Retail Security Systems

How To Manage Commercial and Retail Security Systems

Why Do I Need a Security System?

Businesses lose billions of dollars every year in inventory, equipment damage, and more. Commercial surveillance solutions provide protection that you can trust. Installing a quality security system can help prevent many of these costly expenses while providing peace of mind to business owners.

Loss Prevention

Loss to a company can be a result of theft, vandalism, fraud or misconduct. Billions of dollars are lost each year in inventory, raw materials, lost man-hours, internal and external theft, equipment damage, workplace accidents, and internal investigations. The simplest way to curb these significant losses is by integrating a video surveillance system into your commercial security operations.


Safety is a top priority for business owners in order to ensure your retail or commercial location is a safe place for both employees and customers. We recommend installing a video surveillance system to deter break-ins and capture any incidents on footage.

Prevent Damage

Damages can be a result of vandalism, break-ins, misuse of equipment, or accidents. Having a security system in place will limit the amount of damage your business suffers, saving thousands in cost. Implementing video surveillance can help you notice patterns that could be contributing to damages – such as areas of your store will high-traffic and theft. Being prepared with an advanced security system will greatly reduce lost resources and time for your business.


Security Solutions for Commercial and Retail

Got Security has the latest video security equipment and professional integration services to keep employees, customers, and property safe. We provide tailored security systems to create a plan that fits your needs.

Surveillance Solutions

Ensure you have the right cameras in the right places with reliable video recording. Use video analytics software to manage day to day operations.

Access Control

Restrict access to authorized personnel to help minimize internal theft, inventory shrink, and burglary.

Video Management Software

Improve security in your facility with pre-configured video management software to assist your security team.

Solution Engineering

Our experienced surveillance engineers will design custom video security solutions that integrate with your business’s existing infrastructure, maximizing visibility and accountability.

Visitor Management

Our visitor management systems provide a modern solution to handwritten visitor logs. Manage visitor access throughout your facility with a customizable log that records the position of a specific visitor badge.

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