Eagle Eye Security Camera

Best Cloud-Based Video Surveillance System. If you have security camera systems that are on different sites, it can be really hard to view your surveillance footage with traditional NVRs and DVR's surveillance systems. Got Security can help you access your video from multiple sites anywhere, anytime.

When connecting your surveillance camera system to the cloud it means that you are able to view surveillance footage from all of your sites using our mobile friendly app, which makes monitoring much easier!

Get email or text messaging notifications when your surveillance cameras stop work with cloud camera health monitoring,

Discover how our Cloud Video Surveillance System can help your Business

Easily share surveillance footage. Unlike with traditional surveillance systems, getting a copy of recorded video could take a long time. By connecting your surveillance cameras to the cloud you can easily share recorded video.

Mobile Friendly App

Access and control cloud video surveillance from your phone or tablet.

Mobile App allows you to view both live and stored cloud video from your phone or iPad to check in on your business from across town or across the country.

Secure Login When Using App

You have the option to deploy Apple Touch ID fingerprint biometrics to enhance the security of your cloud-based video cameras. Enabling this feature within the cloud video surveillance system will minimize the chance of a third party observing you entering in a password, and additionally, to make login more secure and convenient.

Make your security cameras proactive

When you receive an email generated from a custom motion alert, it will include a deep link. The deep link will automatically take you to the video surveillance camera and a time stamp of the event. You can then just tap “play” to view the cloud video recording at that point in time.

View Multiple Locations From Mobile Phone

#1 Cloud Based Security Camera System

Camera locations and orientations can be viewed on a world map, with building boundaries and interior walls displayed when available. The user is free to scroll and zoom to different locations. Additionally, the camera icon colors show camera status: green indicates the camera is active, while red indicates an inactive state.

Android Phone & Tablet

Access Cloud Video from Android Phones and Tablets

Our Android App allows you to view your cloud security cameras from anywhere via your cell phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

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