Brivo Access Control Systems

Mobile Credentials and Mobile Management

Brivo access control systems provide authorized individuals safe and secure access in and out of various parts of your business while keeping unauthorized people out. Brivo access control hardware can range from electronic keypads that secure a single door to large networks systems for multiple buildings. Brivo access control systems also greatly simplify management of your facility. Call Got Security for certified Brivo installers.

Simple and Convenience

When you partner with Got Security for your access control needs, we will provide you with a proven way to migrate you existing access control system with our 10 step plan. This will ensure that your daily operations continue while maintaining the level of security you need.  

Employee Benefits

Using Brivo mobile app, your employees can have access to doors in different buildings or facilities. Brivo system can even be accessed through Siri voice commands, which makes it even easier to use. You can even set up your favorite doors in the app to make them easier to find and use. Thanks to Brivo mobile pass access control and Brivo cloud based access, you can secure your property without inconveniencing your employees.  

Administrators Benefits

Brivo mobile app also simplifies the management of the system. Administrators have the ability to activate or revoke the permissions of the users at any time from their phone. Administrators can immediately react to personnel changes even if you are miles away from work. If you need to unlock a Brivo controller for an employee, you can do it without leaving your office.  

The app also connects with other security features in your building, giving you mobile access to live and recorded security footage. You can also lock down doors and arm alarm panels remotely from your phone. As an administrator, Brivo access systems will simplify your daily security tasks.

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Brivo Mobile Pass

Tap a single button to access the closest door
Have one credential for access to multiple facilities and different building amenities
Download, setup and use convenient features like adding ‘favorite’ doors
Use Siri voice commands for hands-free operation
Reduce the hassle of lost credentials by using mobile credentials alongside cards/fobs

For Administrators

Manage user access any time and unlock doors from any location
View live door activity and recorded video footage
Remotely assign and revoke credentials sent directly to a user’s smartphone
Protect high-security areas with two-factor authentication already built into smartphones
Initiate lockdown of door(s) or entire site
Arm and disarm alarm panels
Instant Alerts Anywhere, Anytime
Get automatic notifications on your phone. Our access control platform automatically triggers its behavioral alarms and sends an immediate notifications to improve your security personnel’s response times to incidents in your building. Every second counts.
Scalability for the Future
We can design a your access control system with the future in mind by building it from the ground up so as your operations expand so can your system. Whether you need to add another door or a new
Know Who is Where and When
Track your users in real time. Quickly locate card users based on their last scanned location or run activity reports on an ID card, user, key fob, keypad, card reader, fingerprint scanner, or across an entire system to see who was in your facility and when they were there.

Mobile Access Control


Mobile devices are always on hand, which makes life easier


Use a more secure credential than traditional access cards


Accessed by over 20 million users worldwide

Cyber Security Focused

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Got Security is licensed by leading future-proof cloud surveillance systems to ensure your business or property remains safe and secure. Or Ensure that only tenants, employees, and approved visitors enter your property.

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