How To Protect Your Store With Retail Surveillance Cameras

How To Protect Your Store With Retail Surveillance Cameras

How to prevent retail theft

There are many ways your store can make it harder for theft to happen using a well-planned security system. Supervising the store with cameras as well as employees on the sales floor will greatly discourage visitors from attempting to steal. Taking steps to set up your store in a way that makes it difficult theft is also useful – add security tags to merchandise, make sure the cashier can view the selling floor, add signs that warn shoplifters will be prosecuted. Above all, making sure your store is monitored by security cameras will cover blind spots and prevent thousands of dollars in theft and damages.

Prevent accidents and damage

The retail industry loses almost $40 billion every year in merchandise and man-hours to internal theft, shoplifting, inventory shrinkage, and cargo theft. Restricting access to inventory areas, monitoring deliveries remotely, and improving employee efficiency are ways you can help your bottom line with surveillance cameras.

Protecting your store from damage and accidents starts with careful organization. A video surveillance system can help you understand where the weaknesses in your operations are, from security breaches to employees not following standard procedures correctly. Having a video record of day-to-operations in your store can also help limit liability risk by catching fraudulent accident claims.

Features of retail surveillance systems

Got Security retail store surveillance systems are available with a lot of features that make running your store simple and easy.

Check in anytime, anywhere

Using our digital system you have the ability to check in on your stores from any location. Being able to monitor your store remotely from a smartphone, laptop, or tablet makes it everything easier to manage.

Surveillance solutions

We offer a range of basic, mid-size, and large-scale security systems that are designed to fit your business’s needs. All of our systems are cost-effective and user-friendly, equipped with a high-resolution video that can be used to confidently monitor the premises.

Access control

Limiting access to stock rooms and inventory storage areas to only approved personnel will help make sure your products are safe. This increased accountability results in less inventory shrinkage, less theft, and better compliance with your store’s policies and procedures.

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