Industrial SecurityBusinesses lose billions of dollars every year in:

  • Inventory, raw materials, and lost man-hours
  • Internal external theft
  • Equipment damage
  • Workplace accidents
  • Lengthy internal investigations

Faced with such enormous annual losses, many businesses look for innovative ways to stem the tide. Integrating a video surveillance system into your commercial and industrial security operations is a simple, but critical, measure to protect businesses against these threats.

Got Security has engineered a cost-effective, purpose-built commercial and industrial security systems with the lowest total cost for ownership that delivers a positive return on investment.

We help commercial and industrial businesses:

  • Secure critical areas of operation
  • Protect employees and company assets
  • Safeguard your business’s profits no matter how tight your security budget.

Whether you need to monitor a single building or a nationwide chain of manufacturing plants, our end-to-end video surveillance solutions are tailored to suit your needs while making sense on your budget.

Know Who is Where and When

By controlling permission levels to access sensitive areas of your facility on an employee by employee basis, businesses can drastically reduce their on-site liability while enhancing overall safety and accountability.

Scales Seamlessly With your Needs

Our security system solutions are purposefully engineered with your business’s future in mind. No matter your growth, your video surveillance system can scale in step right alongside you.

Improve your Loss Prevention

With high definition security cameras monitoring vital areas around your facility 24/7/365, you can quickly review archived video to ensure proper adherence to company policies and locate missing inventory.

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Security Solutions to Protect Your Operations

Virtual Surveillance provides a robust offering of the latest enterprise class video security equipment and professional integration services to protect your employees and company assets while maximizing your profits and reducing your risk. No matter how extensive or complex your security needs, our commercial and industrial security systems have you covered.

Industrial Security surveillance systems

Industrial Security Surveillance Solutions

Our end to end video surveillance solutions integrate all aspects of your security operations to ensure that you have the right cameras in the right places, reliable video recording servers archiving high definition video, and versatile video analytics software managing your day to day operations.

Industrial Security Access Control

Access control system safeguard your business’s bottom line by minimizing internal theft, inventory shrink, and burglary while promoting a more secure work environment. By restricting access to authorized personnel, access control ensures that no one is where they shouldn’t be.

Industrial Security video management

Industrial Security Video Management Software

By fully utilizing the robust feature suite on the pre-configured video management software in your commercial and industrial security system solution, you can approach areas of improvement across your facility from a new, smarter angle so your security teams can do more with less.

Industrial Security solutions engineering

Industrial Security Solution Engineering

Our experienced surveillance engineers will work hand in hand with your loss prevention and information technology teams to design a custom video security solution for your business that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure while maximizing visibility and accountability in vital spaces throughout your operations.

Industrial Security visitor management

Industrial Security Visitor Management

Leave your handwritten visitor log behind. Our visitor management systems provide a modern, professional solution to manage visitor access to certain areas throughout your facility while keeping fully customizable log that records the current and historical position of a specific visitor badge.