Temperature Screening

What is shipment time?
Current shipping time is between 24-72 hours. Current inventory and future inventory is allocated on first come first serve basis. Next day available.
Is any interaction required to operate?
The kiosk is touch-less and requires no interaction by an operator. It is hands free for the customer or employee as well. They just need to stand in front of the tablet a few feet away for 2 seconds.
How long is the setup?
The temperature screening device kiosk is plug and play. There is no software configuration necessary. Once the device is plugged in the system takes approximately 30 seconds to load and ready for its first scan.
How accurate is the temperature scan?
Our Level D medical grade thermal sensor is extremely accurate - to approx. ± 0.5 °F. The thermal sensor is an FDA compliant thermographic device.
Where do you recommend setting up the kiosk device?
We recommend the device set up indoors. If it must be outside, please make sure its in a shaded area to avoid false readings.
Can I place the device outside?
No, this is a tablet using infrared technology so it must be placed indoors
What size is the screen?
The tablet is an 8-inch full view LCD display.
What technology does the device use?
Industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera. Night infrared and LED dual photo flood lamp.
Can this device operate off of battery power or Power over Ethernet (PoE)?
No, this device must be plugged in to operate.
What options do I have for mounting the device?
Currently, we offer a kiosk stand or a desktop stand, both of which allow the device to pivot.
Does this device come with a maintenance agreement?
You can choose to purchase an optional maintenance agreement with the device.
Is there sound on the device?
Built-in speakers provide audio alerts including warnings for abnormal temperatures and to request that users wear a mask
How can the device connect to the Internet?
The device can connect to the internet via ethernet or wireless connection.
How far does an individual have to stand from the device to be scanned?
1 foot to 1.5 feet
How long does the temperature reading/facial recognition take to complete?
It takes less than a second to read an individual’s temperature when properly positioned in front of the device.
Can you adjust the temperature threshold?
Yes, but it must be adjusted in Fahrenheit.
How many stored employee/visitor entries will the device hold?


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