MOS Food Services

Utilizing Cloud VMS, both efficiency improvement and store management safe and secure are achieved

Since its founding, MOS FOOD SERVICES, Inc. has pursued coexistence and co-prosperity with customers, franchisees, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders through management vision “to make people happy through food” through safety and security.
Inheriting that idea, it was born as a cafe where you can enjoy the fine tea in Sri Lanka, the traditional tea, and the traditional British tea time casually “Motherleaf”. In popular “Motherleaf” of freshly picked tea and baked waffle, we offer menus focused on materials, such as hand-picked tea and pasteurized milk, at affordable prices, with the idea for “food” of MOS FOOD SERVICES intact It is.

The background of deployment

“Motherleaf” promotes the opening of the optimum business area, and has expanded its area widely from Hokkaido in the north to Saga prefecture in the south.

Because the locations between shops are far away, even in the sense of supervising efficiently, there was a need for a system that could check the situation at the headquarters in the headquarters.

Cloud VMS at Eagle Eye Networks can automatically upload images to be monitored on the cloud at the same time that they shoot, so we think that it is possible to efficiently share without saving the time and effort of compressing or transferring large size video files It was.

By being able to check the interior of the store all the time through the clouds at all times, it becomes possible for the supervisor to quickly check the operation situation of the site without visiting the distant store, so that the safe and secure food it also contributed to adoption of a system that could secure more collateral.

Effect of Cloud VMS

Currently, “Motherleaf” introduces a Cloud VMS bridge to four directly managed cashiers, audience seats, and kitchens. In the store actually introduced, the following effects are concrete.

First of all, we were able to monitor the operation status of real-time stores without stress. Traditionally, supervisors traveled extensively to Hiroshima, Yokohama, Funabashi and Sapporo, and were supervising guidance, but we were able to minimize their efforts.

With the camera of the audience seats, we can grasp the crowded conditions of the busy season and the handling of the store, and it helps improve the operation.

In kitchen cameras, cooking procedures and checking of cleaning and ordering can be carried out with images.

With the cameras around the cash register, we were able to leave evidence from video and we were able to enhance security.

In preparation for any unexpected circumstances such as various problems occurred, we were able to prepare a thorough attitude to quickly and appropriately respond by sharing images.

More than anything the eyes of the headquarters got through, the moral of the store staff increased and it became a deterrent to extreme claims against the guests, which was more than expected.

The Future of Cloud VMS

In MOS BURGER, owners already have surveillance cameras installed, there are stores that are relatively moral than shops without cameras relatively, I feel that store operations and staff education, and the results as a result are also solid.
In addition, as a crime prevention measure at the cash register, in some cases, we actually provided images of surveillance cameras to cooperate with the investigation and led to the early resolution of the case of fraudulent deception due to the habitual criminals.
Evidence from the theory, seeing is believing, seeing is believing.

Currently we are promoting introduction to directly managed stores that open new stores in “Motherleaf” and I hope to make use of other business types such as “mia cucina” in the future.

Since Cloud VMS has heard that functions of AI base such as person count etc are also available, in future it can be utilized as a tool to acquire statistical information such as the number of visitors and waiting time I am also thinking.

It is “Motherleaf” that you can continue improving the operation of each shop by using effective tools and enjoy the delicious freshly picked tea and freshly baked waffles with a child with family, family, female, couple with confidence I hope so.

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