Century 21 Action Plus Realty has seven locations across New Jersey. These locations were originally secured by an outdated access control system with limited capabilities that was difficult to administer, time consuming, and costly. The outdated system also did not provide any auditing, reporting or integration with video capabilities and updates to the existing software were unavailable, leaving the system exposed to potential hackers.

Century 21 began looking for the latest in cloud-based access control systems that could be integrated with advanced IP-video technologies. As part of new security solution, they installed Eagle Eye and seven new IP-video cameras at each location that are fully integrated with their new access control system. With Eagle Eye Networks, they are able to monitor live video streams or review clips linked to important events. More importantly, the integration of the access control and video is a completely cloud-based solution, allowing for total flexibility right down to a specific camera in terms of storing video in the cloud or on premise.

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