Video API Platform

Learn more about how you can improve your business by integrating with the Video API Platform:

Access Control & Intrusion

Combined Functionality of Video and Access Control:

Permanently log and store video from entrances any time the access control system is activated.
Protect valuables by identifying who entered your facility after hours.
Centralized management of all of a facility’s security operations.
Correlate video with events and activities from within your access control system.

Enterprise Analytics

Turn Video Into Powerful Business Insight:

Real-time alerts with video result in quicker, more efficient responses and resolution
Select specific parameters, such as time, activity, location, and review only the video that meets those requirements
Make smarter business decisions by dissecting video data with reports, charts, and graphs
Optimize operations and increase revenue by planning proper staffing and improving customer satisfaction

Point of Sale

Impactful Business Intelligence at Your Fingertips:

Provide visual verification of each transaction by synchronizing video and POS data
Monitor video that is tied to POS transactions to rapidly detect suspicious transactions
Reduce loss and fraud that may occur at POS terminal with video
Instantly search and view the video of specific transactions across single or multiple stores

Fleet Management

Software Focused on Smooth Operations:

Provide insight on dispatch times and job scheduling
Manage repair centers
Track status and asset lifecycles
Monitor the behavior of your drivers

Medical Facilities

Increase Security, Control Costs, and Improve Operations:

Use video to improve treatment and training applications in hospitals, trauma centers, surgical suites, etc.
Increase overall security and safety within medical facilities
Prevent dishonest claims and help resolve employee disputes
Provide digital storage where the surveillance video is easily accessible to authorized users
Receive notifications and see video clips when individuals enter restricted areas

Video Alarm Monitoring

View Live and Recorded Video Correlated with Events:

Provide higher level of service to your customers by granting video access to monitoring center employees
Increase recurring revenue and improve retention periods
Capture new business in municipalities that mandate video alarm verification before dispatch

Franchise Management

Connections Where it Counts:

Ensure brand consistency and cleanliness across multiple locations
Help franchise owners manage employees, equipment, and performance
View the live and recorded video for multiple locations on one screen
Video of customer incidents or accidents can be linked to details within your system


View Live and Recorded Video Correlated with Sensor Events:

Identify problems and quickly solve root causes
Improve business operations and provide more insight to your customers
Enhanced video notifications can be set to notify users of particular events
Synchronized video monitoring to review specific events after the fact

Warehouse & Robotics

Reduce theft and minimize incidents:

Instant alerts can be triggered in case of incident and video readily reviewed
View live video or recorded video to assess incidences
Remotely monitor footage from anytime, anywhere

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