Mini Series

Enhanced resolution and a small form factor that fits in any space.

Mini Cameras

Designed for flexibility without compromising on image quality, Verkada’s Mini Series delivers enterprise-grade security with powerful performance for advanced edge-based analytics. With minimal form factors, Verkada mini cameras are perfect for a wide-range of environments.

Why Hybrid Cloud Video Security?

Simple to Install

PoE cameras are online and fully operational in minutes.

Easy to Scale

Cameras operate at 20-50kbps in a resting state.

Cloud-Managed Solution

Manage cameras with Command, a web-based platform.

No NVRs or DVRs

Store up to 365 days of standard quality footage locally.

Remote Management

Modern platform enables secure access on any device.

Always Evolving

Unlock features and maintain security through automatic updates.

Key Features

Discreet Form Factors for Multiple Applications

Mini series cameras can be installed in flexible places including ATMs, shelving, and on public transportation.

Extend Intelligence to the Edge

With powerful edge-based processing, take advantage of computer vision features including motion detection and People Analytics.

Uncompromised Image Quality

Bring clarity to investigations and effortlessly detect in-scene details with high-quality image resolution.

All Cameras Include

AI-Based Video Analytics

10-Year Warranty

Automatic Alerts

Unlimited Cloud Archiving

Adaptive Quality

Motion Plotting

30-Days Cloud Backup

Live-Link Sharing