Fisheye Series

Immersive coverage in 360º with digital pan-tilt-zoom.

CF81-E Fisheye

The Fisheye Series features powerful onboard processing to deliver dynamic viewing experiences. Choose from a panoramic view of 180º, a four-way split or an immersive 360º view with digital pan-tilt-zoom. Rated for indoor and outdoor use, the CF81-E is suited for all security needs.

12 MP

Image Resolution


Angle of View

20 M

IR Range

Why Hybrid Cloud Video Security?

Simple to Install

PoE cameras are online and fully operational in minutes.

Easy to Scale

Cameras operate at 20-50kbps in a resting state.

Cloud-Managed Solution

Manage cameras with Command, a web-based platform.

No NVRs or DVRs

Store up to 365 days of standard quality footage locally.

Remote Management

Modern platform enables secure access on any device.

Always Evolving

Unlock features and maintain security through automatic updates.

Key Features

Observe More With Customizable Viewing Modes

Eliminate the need for multiple camera installations with the ability to switch between circle, ePTZ, 2-view, 3-view, or 4-view modes - and utilize features like digital pan-tilt-zoom to maximize coverage and reduce blind spots.

Increase Physical Awareness Using Floorplans

Pin CF81-E cameras to precise locations in the floorplan view to detect motion and observe activity across any number of locations and levels.

Gain Valuable Insights in Critical Locations

With IK10 and IP67 ratings, the CF81-E is able to capture 12MP image quality and deliver powerful AI-driven insights in demanding environments.

All Cameras Include

AI-Based Video Analytics

10-Year Warranty

Automatic Alerts

Unlimited Cloud Archiving

Adaptive Quality

Motion Plotting

30-Days Cloud Backup

Live-Link Sharing