Temperature Screening

High performance temperature screening device recognition readers that additionally detect body temperature and the presence of a protective mask worn by both registered and unregistered users.

The embedded face & palm recognition sensor provides 100% touchless user
authentication for various applications including Access Control, Time & Attendance, Visitor Management, Event Management, and more.

Model SF8+ can store and match up to 50,000 faces in less than 0.3 seconds while operating in both total darkness and bright sunlight (up to 50,000 Lux).


User authentication read range up to 8 feet
Elevated body temperature warning system.
Non-contact, fully automated kiosk
Face verification possible while wearing protective mask (palm recognition advised)
Alarms and email notifications when high temperature is detected
Perfect for hospital, restaurants, offices, residential buildings, retail and more
Instantly the screen will indicate the temperature
Intelligent energy-saving design
Dual-lens IR & VL camera recognizes faces in both total darkness and bright sunlight

*Body temperature accuracy +/- 0.6 °F when installed in climate controlled rooms. If room temperature is variable, ZKTeco recommends recalibrating SpeedFace+ temperature settings accordingly

Body Temperature & Mask Detection

As businesses begin to re-open due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, US Governors as well as our local Government Officials are requiring parties to be tested for elevated body temperatures. In addition, the CDC is requesting that there be an employee checklist for additional information pertaining to possible COVID-19 symptoms. This list of questions should be displayed on all temperature screening devices. Got Securities SF8 meets these demands and takes it one step further. The SF8 can detect body temperature, and the presence of a protective mask being worn by both registered and unregistered users. Users can be denied door access if a fever or unacceptable body temperature is detected.

The presence of a mask is becoming increasingly important for airports, schools, commercial office buildings, and other public meeting areas. The SF8 combined with a powerful embedded thermal camera, also has face, palm, and fingerprint recognition algorithms that are supported by an optimized dual-core processor. SF8 is unmatched in accuracy, matching-speed, and versatility. It provides advanced security and convenience, all on a single affordable device.

Capacity (model SF8+)

Faces: 50,000 | Palm: 5,000

Capacity (model SF5-V+)

Faces: 6,000 | Palms: 3,000
Fingerprints: 10,000


Wiegand Input Panels
Wiegand Output readers
ZKBioSecurity Software
ZKTechno Security Relay Box (SRB)


900 MHz Dual Core CPU
512 RAM / 8GB Flash
8" or 5" Touch Screen Display
2MP WDR Camera
Distance Detection Sensor
Reset Button & Tamper Switch

Access Control Interface

Lock Relay Output
Alarm Output / Auxiliary Input Exit
Button / Door Sensor

Special Funtions

0.3s Recognition Speed
Liveness Detection
Event Snapshot

Standard Functions

Access Levels, Groups, Holidays
DST, Duress Mode (password)
Anti-Passback, Record Query
Tamper with Switch Alarm

Temperature Detection

Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.6° F
Temperature Distance: 18 inches
Protective Mask Detection


Wiegand Input / Output
Optional Wifi

Additional Info

Face Algorithm: ZKLiveFace 5.8
Working Temp: -22° F to 149° F
Easily change display from °F to °C
Working Humidity: ≤ 93%
Storage Temp: -40° F to 169° F
Storage Humidity: ≤ 93%
Net Weight: 1.5 lbs
Size (HxLxD): 8.9 x 5.6 x 1 inch


Output Voltage: 12V DC
Current Draw: < 2,000mA



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