Door Controller

Door Controllers


Got Security Door Controllers bring plug-and-play simplicity to enterprise-grade access control. Secure out-of-the-box, the AC41 supports existing door hardware and card readers while enabling cloud-based access to a limitless number of doors and events occurring across your organization.

Instant Video Integration & Insights

Limitless Scalability Across Buildings

Cloud-Based Software & Management

Works with existing card & readers

Access Simplified

Built from the ground up for simple installation and management.

How it Works

Access Management

Manage doors, users and schedules across your entire organization.

Live View

Add and remove users, edit credentials and set permissions.

Use Management

Add and remove users, edit credentials and set permissions.

Product Specifications

Power Consumption (10-14V)

No Readers: ~1000mA
4 Wiegand Readers: ~2200mA


4 Doors

Relays (Consumption)

None (Dry): 5A / 30VDC
12V (Wet): 700mA per relay max
24V (Wet): 350mA per relay max

Contact Sensors

4 Contact Sensors
Nominal 5VDC
1Kohm to each input (resistors built-in)

Included Accessories

Setup guide, screw pack


Height: 415.6 mm / 16.36 in
Width: 319.6 mm / 12.58 in
Depth: 111.74 mm / 4.4 in

Mounting Options

Dry wall anchors (M8) and screws (M5)


8.5 kg / 18.74 lbs

Operating Temperature

0°C ~ 50°C (32°F~ 122°F)
5-90% humidity


Ethernet: 100/1000Mbps RJ-45 cable connector for network connection
USB 2.0


FCC, CE, UL 294, UL 62368-1/CSA C22.2,
CAN/ULC-60839-11-1:2016, NDAA

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remotely manage access into and out of my building?

Yes, you can remotely lock and unlock doors from any device, including computers and smart phones.

Can Verkada’s Access Control integrate with existing cards and readers?

Yes, you can use existing third-party cards and readers with Verkada Access Control.

How many doors can I have in my Command account?

Verkada is a cloud-based solution with limitless support for the number of doors used across your organization.