Access Control Solution

#1 Access control system for every situation

Got Security provides the best-in-class cloud base electronic access control solution. Our access control system incorporates the use of electric locks, wireless locks, touchless mobile access, card readers and card credentials. Access control can provide a way to control access to which doors an employee, tenant or contractor can enter.

Simplified access management

Add or remove access users and cards in seconds from the friendly mobile app.

Remote unlock access control

Lock, unlock, and open doors from anywhere using the mobile app or website.

Mobile Credentials

Transform your mobile device into digital keycard access into your building.

Red Cloud Node

The Gateway To The Cloud. Cloud Node Comes with Built-in 1 Door Access Controller.


R1 Red 1

One Door Access Control Panel True Plug & Play. Optional wireless and PoE++.


R2 Red 2

Two Door Access Control Panel. The Only True Cloud Access solution. Optional wireless and PoE++.


R4 Red 4

Four Door Access Control Panel. The Only True Cloud Access Solution. Optional wireless and PoE++.


Access Control Devices

From mullion style to single-gang readers, you will find the perfect application for your next security installation.

Access Card Readers

Mullion Reader

Single Gang Access Reader

Touch Access Card Reader

Assa Abloy Electrified Cylindrical Lock

Assa Abloy Electrified Mortise Lock

Electronic Access Control

Electronic access control is no longer reserved for just the perimeter of a facility. Innovative solutions from PDK make it easier and more affordable than ever to extend access control to more doors and more applications. Call now to learn how you can use ProdataKey cloud access control system to improve the safety and security of your facility.

Unlike proprietary systems, PDK allows you to choose the best access control hardware from leading manufactures of IP door controllers, to wireless and PoE locks.

PDK offers the clearest path to an IP access control system that uses your network and existing access control infrastructure.

From a single building installation to complex multi-site deployments, PDK is engineered to handle the needs of a growing organization. From managing cardholders and visitors, and running investigations, PDK will meet your everyday needs.

Automating your access control eliminates the possibility of human error causing a security breach. Card Readers don’t accidentally misread someone’s name on a name tag, forget to log an entry.

How to Select the Right Electronic Access Control System

Choosing the right access control system for your organization doesn’t need to be complicated. You should start out with the following. Request a certified access control company to make a site visit. Next, get consultation from am experience provider that can professionally install and support your systems. Finally, make an investment in technology and integrated solutions to support your business in the long run.

Plan Your Access Control System

Deploying an electronic access control system will affect your entire organization. So, before you even begin planning, get a director or management representatives involved from the beginning.

Then, collect the requirements for a new access control system from each department. Determine the specific individual, role, and group-level access types you will need to setup. Lastly, determine the events that require alerts to be issued, such as failed access requests to highly sensitive areas. All of these items make up your administrative requirements.

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