Mobile Recording Solutions

See EVERYTHING Your Driver Sees

Nowadays, in-vehicle surveillance has become more and more significant in order to clarify incidents or car collisions and reinforce driver’s accountability. This video based solution not only can greatly increase the security level on the vehicle, but also help optimize the operation management with its integrated fleet management system to improve fleet efficiency, and simplify IT management with its automatic Wi-Fi data offloading to save human effort. Investment on this video based solution is a great opportunity to reap the benefits of more efficient operations and better security management at the same time.

Got Security specializes in the installation of an uninterrupted in-vehicle recording also in full frame rate HDTV resolution for up to 8 connected cameras for tough environments. This onboard recording device is especially designed for:

  • Public transportation
  • Logistical Fleet
  • Delivery Trucks
  • Taxis Cabs
  • Trains
  • Boats

Designed to withstand rugged environment and operates at a wide range of temperature and comes with anti-vibration protection, making it ideal for railways, public transits and industrial environment.

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Mobile Recording Solutions