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Got Security can manage your business’s security solutions from top to bottom, including designing and installing structured cabling systems. Network cabling for surveillance systems is an important part of managing your security because, in the long run, a solid infrastructure will save a lot of time and money. Our goal is to create advanced surveillance systems that are specifically designed for your business needs. What is structured cabling? Structured cabling systems limit the number of
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As the cannabis industry continues to expand, business owners are struggling to keep up with the security and surveillance regulations being put in place. Got Security specializes in the best cannabis security surveillance solutions that go above and beyond the state requirements for growers, producers, and vendors.  72% of all cannabis operators fail to comply with security and surveillance state requirements. Meet cannabis security surveillance requirements with the help of Got Security to minimize costs
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thermal cameras
Thermal cameras use infrared imagery or thermography to detect energy produced by objects in the room. Thermal cameras do not need light to function and can detect changes in temperature before a fire happens. This technology is especially useful in data centers that have equipment producing a large amount of heat. By detecting changes in electrical switchgear, power supplies, server systems, and cooling systems, thermal cameras can alert you before severe damage occurs to the
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video storage
New advancements in video surveillance require higher capacity storage Video surveillance has continued to advance in terms of camera resolution and sophisticated software, greatly increasing performance and usability. Surveillance systems are an integral part of security plans implemented to protect people, buildings, and assets. Besides providing security protection, many retailers using video surveillance to optimize the functionality of their stores. Video surveillance can be used to understand customers’ shopping habits to determine how staff, products,
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One of the most effective ways to minimize lost inventory and damages is by installing an electronic access control system. This safeguards your building and business from any unauthorized visitors, customers, employees, or vendors being in the wrong place on your premises. Unaccounted persons can result in missing inventory and assets, or damaged company property. Managing your facility with an electronic access control system allows you to keep track of what’s going on at your
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wireless access control security systems from got security vss
Access control security systems are almost essential for commercial and industrial businesses. Some may say that ensuring doors are protected by access control features are essential for any operating business in every industry. If you’re employing access control systems in your building(s), you likely already know if its tremendous value to your business. Over time, all technology will advance, especially in the commercial security solutions industry. Automated surveillance cameras and robust motion detector systems are
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Managing the security of your auto dealership can be a difficult task. With many customers and employees passing through the property, and millions of dollars worth of inventory it can be a challenge to keep track of everything going on. These factors can make car dealerships a prime target for theft, so it is incredibly important that you have an efficient security system in place. Got Security is an experienced security and surveillance system provider,
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Running a secure business is an issue for many restaurant owners who face potential incidents and theft every day. It’s important to have a comprehensive security plan in place to avoid any damage to your property, employees, or customers. Every restaurant has a reputation to uphold through good food, but also by offering a safe and comfortable environment for your patrons. Got Security has worked extensively in the restaurant sector to help many businesses achieve
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How to prevent retail theft There are many ways your store can make it harder for theft to happen using a well-planned security system. Supervising the store with cameras as well as employees on the sales floor will greatly discourage visitors from attempting to steal. Taking steps to set up your store in a way that makes it difficult theft is also useful – add security tags to merchandise, make sure the cashier can view
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No matter where your business is located, security is of the utmost importance. Having some type of video surveillance system in place ensures that employees, customers, merchandise, and your property are all safe.   What security measures have you taken so far? If you own a store that stocks merchandise, there a few simple ways you can help protect your business. Installing mirrors can help eliminate blind spots so cashiers can keep a better eye on
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