Retail Store Security Systems

The retail industry loses upwards of $40 billion every year in merchandise and man-hours to:

  • Internal theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Inventory shrinkage
  • Cargo theft

We know that operating on tight margins with even smaller security budgets and warehouses full of overhead can make solving these threats to your store’s bottom line seem impossible, but we have extensive experience protecting retail stores and integrating innovative solutions to keep your money from walking out the front door.

Got Security supplies the necessary tools and resources to improve your retail store’s loss prevention program by limiting:

  • Losses to internal and external theft
  • Capturing “sweet-hearting” in the act
  • Restricting access to inventory areas
  • Debunking fake slip and fall claims


Our scalable retail video surveillance system solutions have the lowest total cost of ownership and help provide a better, safer shopping experience for your customers while delivering a positive return on investment.

  • Monitor deliveries remotely
  • Improve employee efficiency
  • Streamline in-store sales by analyzing foot traffic and crowd formation
  • Mitigate liability risk by catching fraudulent slip and fall claims in the act
  • Spot and deter organized crime
  • Boltster your bottom line proactively

Check In Anywhere, Anytime
No matter where you are, your store is never beyond your fingertips. Whether you’re in the back office or on the other side of the country, you can check in remotely and manage your system from your smartphone, laptop or tablet to make sure it’s running smoothly.

Scale Solutions to Your Needs
Whether you have one store or a nationwide chain of locations, we purposely design your end to end retail surveillance solution with the future in mind so your security system will seamlessly scale right alongside your store’s growth and security needs.

Improve Store Performance
Use captured video as a tool to build better relationships with your customers, identify trends in foot traffic to better place high value products, provide real-world training examples for new hires, and cultivate a better shopping experience to your customers.

Take Control of Your Losses
Don’t let your store become a statistic. With your bottom line being threatened on a daily basis by internal and external theft, a modern loss prevention program can help you save thousands in completely avoidable losses that would otherwise go unimpeded.

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Solution Engineering

With your store’s requirements in mind, our experienced engineers will design, build, and implement a comprehensive retail video security camera system that’s tailored to your store’s precise needs to maximize the effectiveness of your loss prevention program, protect your bottom line, and improve your customers’ shopping experience all while working on your budget.

Surveillance Solutions

By having the right cameras in the right places throughout your store, your employees can devote more attention to your customers and provide a higher level of customer service while your video security solution deters and prevents shoplifting, inventory shrinkage, and fake liability claims. Our retail video surveillance systems feature the latest in IP camera technology to produce incredibly detailed video captures of your store which are vital to identify suspects and speed up the process of recovering lost merchandise.

Access Control

Implementing an access control system in your store will ensure that only approved personnel can access your stock rooms and inventory storage areas so your products don’t sprout legs and walk away without anyone being the wiser. This increased accountability will result in less inventory shrinkage and fewer occurrences of theft with greater compliance to your store’s policies and procedures.

Video Management Software

With a robust feature suite, you can manage one location or your entire chain of retail stores from a single device. You can remotely oversee a delivery to your distribution center in Seattle while you set the monitoring schedule at your new location in Dallas. With numerous criteria and behavior based alerts, you can be notified immediately when specific events occur inside your stores to improve your staff’s response time and have timestamped evidence for the authorities should it be needed.