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We design, engineer and integrate custom video surveillance and access control solutions to solve tomorrow’s security needs today.

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Tamper-Resistant Technology

Got Security keeps you protected even if your panel is smashed, the phone line is cut, the internet is disconnected or the power goes out.

Personal Notifications

Whether your system is armed or not! Set up custom text or email alerts to notify you of the activity you care about most.

Retail Solutions

You can keep an eye on the stores from anywhere using smartphone applications.

Visual Verification

Got Security uses the state of the art motion sensor that snaps a picture when motion is detected and sends it to you via text or email.

Everything is CONNECTED

Through a single app and get control when you want it, protection when you need it and automation that lets you forget about the details.

Commercial Solutions

Protect commercial centers, offices and government buildings with high-quality IP cameras, centralized management systems, and comprehensive access control solutions.

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Access Control

Surveillance Systems

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Car Dealerships

Industrial Security

Commercial Security

Hotel and Hospitality

Property Management

Warehouse & Distribution

Retail Security

Got Security offers a full suite of interactive services tailored to support small and medium sized businesses, from single properties to multi-location enterprises. With professional-grade security and video monitoring solutions, you can keep your business secure, gain new awareness and instant visibility into key operational activities.


Cloud Based Video Hosting

Got Security offers the ability to capture 24/7 high definition recording through the Cloud Based Video Hosting. This new solution captures a 24/7 stream of what’s happening at a property and provides cloud-based streaming and video clip access from anywhere. Through a unique service protocol that is bandwidth optimized, you won’t worry about degrading your internet connections. You will have access to high definition captured video and playback anytime and anywhere.


Commercial Security

Got Security offers the latest security technology with leading-edge IP High Definition Security Cameras and Network Video Recorders. We not only provide security products but offer experienced security advice and recommendations throughout your security project. Knowledgeable and accurate systems engineering, along with on-time projects, ensure your success.


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“Overly thankful for this company! We had two robberies at our business and knew we needed to step up our security. I called first thing in the morning and spoke to “B” She came out within 4 hours to check the shop and sent an estimate 2 hours later. Within the next day the installer came out and put them up. He came after we closed which is around 10pm. Which is awesome they could work around our schedule. Totally worth every penny and I couldn’t be happier. All I gotta say is those Costco cameras seem cool and they’re cheap, but you get what you pay for. Why spend the money on those when you can support a local business and not have to deal with the stress of installing security cameras with zero experience? 🙂

And on top of that…. CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! B even told me that she likes to build relationships with her clients. Totally nice. Thanks again!” – Jade R.

“Great service … Fast, efficient, and clean work… Also, walked me through step by step for all the questions I had … Definitely recommend this security company to other business owners” – Goudarzi A.

“They did an awesome installing the surveillance at my store for Leslie’s Pools, they were very professional and cleaned up after themselves.” – James K.